Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday-->Cyber Monday DARKness!

Okay, about time I started blogging again, what with A LOT happening in 2014, so what better way to kick things into gear than with a 99 cents sale on the ebook version of my collection, The Dark Is Light Enough For Me.

Yes, for all of you have have thought, hmmmm, maybe; for all of you wondering what the hell John Claude is jabbering on about?; for all of you looking for some "not your average horror" dark fiction, welllllllllllllll...

99 cents!

99 bloody cents--that's all!

Read the reviews, but here's a couple of prime snippets to inspire you to either
a) buy the ebook, it's damned cheap
b) think even more so, what the hell is this John Clause Smith up to as a writer.

Or something.

"It is a rarity that a short story collection can speak to me with each of its tales, rarer still that the voice be so articulate. While I can definitely appreciate elements of "splatterpunk," too many modern horror author don't even go that bloody route, instead remaining in a safe "horror lit" style. Smith goes elsewhere, a bleak universe that one gets glimpses of in works by Harlan Ellison, H.P. Lovecraft, and occasionally Clive Barker. The intellect powering these nightmares is a staggering, transcendental monster in itself. ..."--Brian Fatah Steele, Horror Writer.

"In a market that is pretty much saturated with the tiredest of horror tropes (vampires, zombies, werewolves), along comes this refreshing debut collection by John Claude Smith. And when I say refreshing, I certainly don't mean "lightweight". The darkness itself, in fact, is very much a constant character in these stories of guilt, hubris, paranoia, abuse, vanity, addiction, desire and depravity. ..."--David Antrobus, Writer (dark stuff and otherwise)

Okay, you get the gist.  Read em all if you need convincing.  Or buy the book and decide for yourself.

Enjoy the DARKness!


Up next: news about my New Book, out early in 2014, as well as info on some short story sales, as well as me going on about other writer's books I like, music and movies and who knows what else, too?  Stick around.