Friday, October 13, 2017

An Interview & Review Links & More Stuff

I meant to post something a week or so ago, but at that time I was entering the last few days of my stay in Rome, so I was...busy, to say the least.


Now that I'm back to the blog, I'll post a few links to pertinent stuff dealing with The Wilderness Within, as well as a surprise, too.

First: I did an interview over at Hellnotes.  Check it out.  Some good info and intriguing details. I had fun with it.

Second: There are already 10 5-star ratings and five reviews up on Goodreads, as well as four of those reviews have made it over to Amazon as well.  Check them out, some wonderful perceptions, and nobody gives anything away, which I dig, as there are a few big surprises in the novel, yet you'll just have to read it to find out what I'm talking about.

Third, as in, More Stuff: I was pleased to see editor Ellen Datlow included two tales from my Dunham's Manor chapbook, The Wrath of Concrete and Steel, in her Honorable Mentions 2016 - Horror of the Year Volume Nine.  "The Land Lord" and the title tale get notice, which brought a smile to my Friday the 13th morning.

So there ya go, a few goodies and more reason to check out the new novel...and the previous chapbook, too!