Monday, July 2, 2018

New Collection! Occasional Beasts: Tales Pre-Order Info and TOC!

I've been away.  Now, I am back.
What are you back with, JC?
A new collection, Occasional Beasts: Tales, from Omnium Gatherum.
A new collection? Details, please...

First, so I don't forget, here's the Amazon link for the kindle version, and the Omnium Gatherum link, for the print version; yes, the print will eventually be on Amazon as well, of course.

Here's the back cover copy:

"Occasional Beasts: Tales features fourteen stories, four never before published, exploring the landscape of love and transformation, of desire and damnation, of unleashing the beast within, or encountering the beast of another made flesh, including gods made monsters in the eyes of deranged acolytes, and even the unflinching revelation of one’s true self, be it beastly, otherworldly, or the most horrific beast of all: Man. 

We are all Occasional Beasts…"

And here's the TOC (the titles with asterisks are previously unpublished, and total close to 34k of the almost 92k words):

*The Glove
The Wounded Table
*A Declaration of Intent
The Cooing
The Occasional Beast That is Her Soul
This Darkness
*Personal Jesus
I Am...
Vox Terrae
*The Johnny Depp Thing
The Land Lord

Lovely, eh?  Well, I think so. A lot of weird and horror and weird horror and body horror and speculative explorations of the 'other', all that stuff I wrote for the back cover copy, too! And more!

I will be doing Story Notes as blog posts starting up soon. I might wait until I am settled in Rome for the summer, which will start in less than three weeks. But be aware, Story Notes are on the way.

Are you ready?

Here's the exquisite cover art. I know, I know...she's adorable...