Friday, September 16, 2016

An Interview With Yours Truly.

Well, that says it all right there, up in the subject line.

This'll be a quickie, though I must utilize this blog in a better way, and more often, y'know?  Yes, you and I both know this. 

The exceptionally cool Gwendolyn Kiste asked me some questions, I gave her some answers.  It's up on her website.  This was fun and I hope you enjoy it...and perhaps it inspires you to purchase some of my books, even the latest book, which isn't linked with the other books, because it's not on Amazon yet, but will be soon.

(Yes, by all means, click on the links, they'll lead you places.  Not Alice in Wonderland down-the-rabbit-hole places or, well...maybe, maybe some of them will...)


Next post, oh yes, one much sooner than a month down the road--within the next two weeks, damnit--I will be doing an overview of some of the books I've read this year.  Some reviews and what-not. 

Yes, it's finally going to happen!

Stay tuned.