Thursday, April 7, 2011

Words Matter: Like Atlas

Even though I consider myself a fiction writer first, I’ve been messing with poetry a lot lately. I love the process, how absolutely nothing but a first line can trigger a stream of sentences, snippets and more that can be manipulated--or quite simply BE, as is--a form of almost spontaneous creative expression, sometimes fantastical, sometimes cataloging the world at hand, sometimes dealing with emotions, inner turmoil or inner bliss, etc. Sure, I usually edit and shape the initial words more to make it all work, but the initial 'oomph' is a welcome addition to the writing process. I even wrote the foundation for a fantastical poem a couple days ago, “Saurian Psychotherapy,” which is based on a story I’ve yet to finish, though it’s been with me for years; I kind of think getting it down in another form might help me complete the short story. So, perhaps it will help the fiction; music review writing has, so why not poetry?

But a lot of the poetry I’ve been writing recently has had to do with the chaos of the world in general, and some ridiculous stuff that my girlfriend, Alessandra, has had to deal with (which, of course affects me as well). Some days you just have to take a deep breath and forge onward. Chaos nips at your heels, the weight seems to wear you down, but if you have somebody to share it with, to help carry the weight, it makes a huge difference. Alessandra and I have goals on getting together permanently--I live over here, she lives way over there. As noted, we’ve had a lot to deal with on our individual fronts recently, yet being able to talk to each other and write stuff down helps us get through it all.

Letting somebody know you love and support them whenever and however you can is an essential part of any successful relationship. Speaking of support (how‘s that for a segue?) , Atlas knew about this. Here’s a short poem I wrote for Alessandra, just a little something because words are a major part of how we express our love.

Because Words Matter!

Like Atlas

Like Atlas
We’ve learned how to balance
The weight of the world
On our shoulders
Not as broad
But just as strong
When we stand as one
 © John Claude Smith

Boris Vallejo, of course!
Now, let me get back to the weird stuff, saurian psychotherapy, mad sculptors…life! ;-)


  1. That's beautiful man....sniff sniff.... ;)

  2. Yeah, shhhh, that's what Love does to ya. ;-)