Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Dark Is Light Enough For Me.

About time, eh?  The Dark is Light Enough for Me is my debut collection of Dark Fiction tales, most of it Horror, some of it surreal and strange…well, okay, more than some of it is strange.  All of the stories explore the shadowy edge of the human condition laid bare.  I don’t flinch.  I don’t back away.  I’m going to shine a flashlight on the madness, the emotional turmoil, the dread and love and wonder, scratching the impressions on my flesh with ragged fingernails, to be transferred to the computer once the blood dries…

Sounds like fun, eh?  Oh, really!?  You try deciphering the scars!  ;-)

Anyway, on 11-11-11=11+1 (yes, twelve) stories will be available from Ampichellis books, an ebook by moi, with a possible print version as well (fingers crossed, I want that), for your reading pleasure, or simply to make you look at me with wary disgust.  Their site is under construction, updating and such.  The cover artwork is in progress.  I’ll hit you with that once it’s finalized.  The price is going to be a measly $4.99 [something invisible thumps my head, probably the fist of the publisher; get it right, boy!].  Excuse me, only $3.99 which is, what?  About 33 cents per story!  What a deal!  (Okay, okay, I’m not a salesman, but man, that is a good deal for twelve slices of dread, with our without anchovies, depending on…er...ahem, okay, no anchovies.)


How about a Table of Contents to whet your bloodthirsty appetite?  Here goes:

  1. Black Wings
  2. The Dark Is Light Enough For Me
  3. Gladiatrix
  4. I Wish I Was A Pretty Little Girl
  5. I Want To Take You Higher
  6. Not Breathing
  7. Make Pretty
  8. Strange Trees
  9. The Perceptive One
  10. Plastic
  11. The Sunglasses Girl
  12. Things That Crawl…In Hollywood.
Looks like fun to me.  Teasers and samples on the way.  Are you ready?

I Am! 

Bring on the Horror!

                          Bloody fingernails from all that scratching and writing...

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