Sunday, January 29, 2012

Interview With The Devil...or Yours Truly...

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of...wealth and taste?  Well, I must admit I have exquisite taste, but that wealth deal?  Let me sell and publish a few novels, or simply sell my soul--

The Devil: Excuse me, Smith.  Did you just offer up your soul for wealth and riches?

Moi [shaking my head, closing my eyes tightly, wishing him away; pinching myself--ouch!--no, not dreaming]: Um, no Mr. Devil...

The Devil: That's just The Devil to you, Smith, er...John Claude. After all, we are friends.

He puts his arm around my shoulders, leans into me, squeezes tight.  His palms leave scorched imprints on my shirt.  The fabrics turns to ash.  My shoulder starts to cook, he realizes his overly affectionate ways, and lifts his red as a well-smacked rump hand off my shoulder.  [yes, that's exactly what came to my head right then: a well-smacked rump!]

Moi: Well, Devil, dude, no, I was just writing this here blog, setting up to post about an interview I had that went up today on a website called Inspiration Forum, which has nothing to do with, um, religious inspiration, more the inspiration of those who create or, um...

He looks at me, furrowed brow sparking like an asteroid hitting the ozone, his eyes roiling as the heart of a volcano about to awaken.

The Devil: Wait a minute,Smith.  You mean to tell me you're just kidding around about the selling of your soul on some damned blog, for the amusement of your readers, all four of them?  [Four?! I'm sure there's at least six or eight...] Here I'm getting all hot and bothered as devouring souls is my most cherished pastime, and you're just being some kind of joker for the amusement of a blog? A blog? 

He folds his arms across his steaming red chest.  The smell is of a revolting nature, dead things cooking, the breath of brain-munching zombies, sulphur, a whisper of beets--NO!  He taps his foot, tail snapping about like a rattlesnake on acid.

Moi:  Well, yeah, that's just about it.

He lets out a big sigh, rolls his already roiling eyes.

The Devil: Well, could you not mess with me like that, Smith?  I mean, I got plenty of Republicans and NY Giants willing to sell their souls--those who still have them--so, really, being side-tracked by the likes of you, for amusement sake... [shakes his head, shakes his finger too, tsk tsk]  It's open season out there.  But here's my card [hands me His card: The Devil, Fulfilling Your Dreams One Soul at a Time].  You change your mind, you know where I am.

He smiles and black smoke billows from his mouth.  I close my eyes, coughing and gagging, only to open them sitting in front of this computer, typing these...words...again...and... 

Anyway, there IS an interview up at the aforementioned Inspiration Forum, fun stuff, here's the link:

Read and enjoy!  Please and thank you!

I discuss my book, The Dark is Light Enough for Me, as well as novels being shopped around, being written, this and that and writing stuff and, yeah, just give it a spin.  Thanks!

Oh, and because it was brought up and I should always tag my blog posts with purchasing info for the book, here's the various links so you can catch the cyber-tram and head over to Amazon or B&N, OmniLit, etc., and check it out, buy it, love it, snuggle up with it, it's such a warm and comfy book!  Okay, so it's not warm and comfy, it's a freak-out collection of dark stuff, but still, Dark Fiction/Horror Books Need Love Too! 


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Here's a picture of The Devil by artist Edward Norden.  He looks to be in one of his more nasty moods, playing with his food or, well, messing with blood. Looking to get some signatures at the bottom of contracts, perhaps...


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