Saturday, September 22, 2012

Phantasmagorium Weekly Offering: "Photograph" by Yours Truly.

The exceptionally cool weird fiction magazine, Phantasmagorium, has been posting weekly free fiction for a few months now.  A story goes up, it's there for a week, then gone; I've enjoyed many of them.  And now, I am honored to have my story, "Photograph," up this week, an exploration of love, loss, Sadness...and just plain weirdness.  One of those stories that opens in a bar, gets confessional, blah blah, okay, you still with me?  Yeah, a somewhat familiar framework, I've read quite a few horror stories that open in this setting.  But as it goes for most everything I write, it doesn't stay familiar at all.  If you think you know where it's going, you are wrong.  Well, probably, unless you're a freak like me, in which case, well, you might like the story matter who you are, hey, give it a spin when you can.  Only 1900 words, let it dip into your heart and show you the truth.  But remember, it's only up a week and will be gone around the 28th of Sept., so don't delay.  Please and thank you.

BTW, while I'm here, how about the links to purchase my book, The Dark Is Light Enough For Me?    I mean, hey, that's partly why I have this blog, to promote the book and the stories and the upcoming novel(s), another collection, etc., on and on and...


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Here's a shot of the cover for Phantasmagorium issue 3.  Number 4 is up in October, I believe.  Well worth your attention.  I hope to get a story in the magazine itself someday sooner than later.  Check it out!

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