Friday, November 25, 2011

Have you read these? The Dark...breathes...

Just thought I'd drop in amidst the Thanksgiving/Black Friday madness to touch base and pass on some of the Amazon and Goodreads reviews for my debut collection, The Dark is Light Enough for Me. 

A handful: 

"I can't say how much I loved this book but I will try.
This is a very talented author.The stories were frightening and lyrical.Prose like this takes a lot of effort and this writer has it down pat.
The stories are also very literary reminding me a little of Ligotti but with more dialogue.
This is a wonderful collection that I am sure that I am going to read again and again."

"This is certainly not the average horror short story collection. These tales are imbued with a dark flood of images and written in a beautifully terse prose. They all bear a close relation to life, but their twists and turns are like concentrated dynamite. Get yourself a copy and plunge into darkness!"

"Dark is Light enough for me is an over the top write, a selection of stories that addresses the most inner desires, misses in life, and guilt feelings associated and spiced with a vivid imagination of the author. The stories are thrilling and endorphin rising. You will never stop anticipating :-)"

"I really enjoyed this dark journey--probably one of the best short-story collection I've read in years. The way Mr. Smith twists his plot is on the same par with early Steven King. Amazing darkness here." 


And this one from Goodreads:

"A perfect read for those who like an eerily wonderful exploration of the illusion of reality and the surreal nature of life as we think we know it. A new favorite author--he consistently delivers!"


So, a good start, eh?  I appreciate all the kind words from these people, posting them here for the blog readers who've yet to make it to the page or pick up a copy.  Well, don't these reactions inspire you to give it a go?  I would think so, heck, it would inspire me, hehe...

Anyway, the book is available via Amazon worldwide, Barnes & Noble, and OmniLit.

Barnes & Noble:


Amazon Germany:

Amazon France:

Please join the others in exploring my Darkness...

Thanks for your time.  I expect to be back in the AlternaWorld with the next post. I wonder who we'll run into then...hmmm...

Perhaps the print version, hopefully out in early December, will come in a special version like this, etched designs and a lock, I think not, but it is coming and I can't wait, either.  This book is a Necronomicon put together by Richard A. Poppe, and rather intense, eh?  But I'm sure it would cost you an arm and a leg and perhaps your soul.  I'm sure mine won't cost that much...

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