Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wilderness Edits and The Dark...Print News!

I haven't meant to be negligent and leave you hanging, waiting for whatever's next here.  Another excursion to the AlternaWorld, or simply some rambling.  But, you see, as a writer, there are times we actually have to, how do I put this?  Yeah, Write! As in, my second novel, The Wilderness Within--great title, perhaps I'll use it elsewhere [he said, eyes rolling upward in their sockets, whistling like the imp he occasionally is] [imp? What the...?]--needed some...tweaking. Because, well, there's this thing that my agent/editor mentioned to me that made her crazy.  Oh, don't get me wrong, she Loves the writing, the novels and stories, but...but...

I kinda like my semi-colons. 

So, toned down some of those, as well as dashes and some full-grown colons, too.  And in the process, I realized something seemed...funky.

There was stuff I know, I just know, I edited out a while ago.  And it was back!  How could that be?  Had the writing gremlins decided it was better with the edited material reinserted?

I was severely miffed. Brow furrowed deep and long.  I stopped my edits and contacted my editor/agent and said, "Baby, could you please send me the latest version of the novel you have," after which she replied, "Who is this? What are you talking about, you strange, strange man?"  Checking the email, I had somehow picked the AlternaWorld version of my agent/editor which, no, she's not the same over there, instead she's a B-movie Scream Queen and stellar letter turner on their version of Wheel of Fortune so, then, well, resending to my editor/agent, she sent me my copy and, damnit, it was the same!

Had I somehow done all this work before and not saved it?  Was I just imagining having done it? Can I have an H, dear? Followed by an O.L.Y. S.H. I don't even know where I'm going with this so, anyway, yes, that explains the busywork and my not being around.  That and the long Thanksgiving four-day weekend, which really doesn't get in my way, but one finds oneself distracted at the very least. 

It's Tuesday night as I type this.  I'll post it Wednesday when I finish it and get some art for the post. 

Ah, but one more thing. 

The agent/editor informed me of specs about other cool stuff.  Yes, for those of you who have been asking, the print version of my collection, The Dark is Light Enough for Me, currently available as an ebook at Amazon, B&N, and OmniLit, is in the works and getting close.  Yes, she actually asked me for an author photo.  I had no professional studio shots, just some random shots of me.  She said, "No shots of you looking like you're in the Mafia."  Actually, she really did say this.  I sent two, she wasn't sure.  So I sent four more.  She will use one of those, but I have no idea which one.  But it let me know that, yes...The Print Version is Very Close, Perhaps ThisClose, to being released.

Are you ready?

Well, I am.  I want every version! I want them all! It's imperative for Wor(l)d Domination! Mwhahahahahahha...[cough, cough]. Okay, enough of this nonesense. Next time, well, leaning toward more AlternaWorld excursions, but there's also the possibility of other publishing news that might happen any second now so...well, don't hold your breath, even if blue looks good on you, but yeah, see ya soon!

So, this here picture has nothing to do with anything.  Just some of my, um, Italian friends.  What?  Oh, no, nothing to do with the Mafia.  These fellas, goodfellas most of them, they wouldn't know anything about Mafia.  No way. Ahem.


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