Thursday, November 10, 2011

Occupy The Dark! (Purchasing info!)

Ladies and Gentlemen; Maniacs, Misfits and Malcontents; Animal Lovers, Pizza Twirlers and Headbangers; Friends, Romans, Countrymen, and just those passing through...lend me your ears.

More so, lend me your eyes and your minds.

The first stage of ordering info is ready.

A recap:

Twelve teaser blogs up: you can scroll through the last twelve blogs to catch up on samples and such from the stories in my collection, The Dark is Light Enough for Me.  After doing that, perhaps you'd like to read more, get into the sordid details, the dark designs, the deviant excursions.

Well, as I type this, my publisher has sent the info to a handful of sellers and, surprisingly, and already have it ready to roll!  According to my publisher, Ampichellis Ebooks, they expected the other sellers to have it posted first. Oh, and as I type this, OmniLit has it posted as well.  Good!

We got The Dark flowing now...

So, yeah, it's time!  Here's the info for purchasing the collection from:

and for my friends across the pond in the UK, here's your link:

Of note, my girlfriend said she could not order the book through, and she lives in Italy, which seems odd.  (Um, yes, she ordered it before going to bed a few hours ago...) She ordered it from  So, either way, it's available via Amazon worldwide, check em out and I'm sure one will work for you.

And here's the OmniLit link as well:

So, please join me, take my hand and we'll...

Occupy The Dark!

The Dark is Light Enough for Me.

How about you?



  1. Stopping by from Author Central. Congratulations on the new release - love the cover design!


  2. Thanks so much, Sylvia! Yes, striking cover, hopefully it generates some interest...and sales.
    John Claude