Saturday, November 12, 2011

We've Only Just Begun Playing In The Dark...

This one's off the cuff, just me riffing.  Hang on...

So, the book is out!  As of 11-11-11, as I have been saying all along, my book, The Dark is Light Enough for Me, is out. 

Did you buy your copy yet?  Well, let's hop to it (please; yes, I understand proper manners, please and thank you, actually).

And for those of you who have bought it, I sincerely thank you!  I hope you enjoy the frolic through my weird and warped mind.  

Good stuff to do: review it, "like" it on the sellers pages--you know, Amazon and B&N and OmniLit, with more to come--love it, question my sanity, yeah, the whole deal.

But if you think in 2011 that's it, well...No.
Absolutely not!

Spreading the word and promoting sales is part of a writer's life.  What?  You thought we only wrote our books and let The Universe deal with sales?  The times they are a changin', wait! The Times Have Already Changed.  Expecially for a writer getting his first book out there.

So, yes, I will be running around online, looking to talk to anybody about it--bloggers and horror sites and whoever, wherever; I am ready for interviews, guest blogs, whatever it takes to promote a book I am proud of.  I'm sure we'll work out giveaways and more.  I mentioned reviews up there, well, if you are a magazine reviewer, show me what you got, and please contact me via my email; actually interview folks and mags can do the same.

See, I told you I was riffing.  I hope this makes sense.  Primarily, it's just me saying, there's a lot more to do! HELP! 

But, the main thing amidst all of this--being consistent in promoting it without being annoying--is that I actually feel like I can get back to some real writing again.

Real writing--what's that?

Well, I have the second draft of my third novel to dig into--my agent is shopping around the first two--a short story I am shaping for a specific magazine, plus a few more besides that.  Poetry, lovely poetry.  And even research and what-not for the novel that follows the one in progress.

So, if you were wondering, yes, being a writer is not simply about writing.  But that's ultimately what it comes down to in the long run.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled internet surfing; or, for those into the Dark Stuff, go ahead, get back to reading the collection.


This is what happens when you tell your brother your book is out and he says, oh, and I found your blog, too, but what's with the weird picture.  Yeah, thanks a lot, bro...

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